Steel Strapping Plastic Strapping System Stretch Film Paper Packing System

Welcome to the steel strapping source in Thailand, although Noppakun is not the worldwide manufacturer and distributor of protective packaging systems, but with over 10 years of new takeoff with service with hearth and specialization in protective packaging systems that apply plastic and steel strapping and stretch film, we are proudly announcing that we are biggest distributor of steel strapping in Thailand.
Your source for procuring a full range of steel strapping products, strapping accessories and strapping tools for your packaging needs.Built on the exclusive agreement with a manufacturer of steel strapping, Noppakun is in the business to provide you strapping products at factory direct pricing, well below the competition.
With access centers through our 4 offices which cover whole industry area in Thailand.
Your order is shipped by tomorrow after receiving your order.
All steel strapping is certified ASTM 3953 specifications

Standard Steel Strapping Product

- Regular Duty Steel Strapping
- High Tensile Steel Strapping
- Galvanized (Zinc) Steel Strapping
- Steel Strapping Seals and Sealers
- Steel Strapping Tensioners
- Dispensers for Steel Strapping
- Cutters and Crimpers for Steel Strapping

Noppakun is also the leader of Poly strapping both polyester and polypropylene strapping, or polyester cord strapping for your application. Fasteners to apply strapping and angle board protector for supporting loads.

We represent many of the world's most quality oriented strapping products. Our concentration is on high quality strapping, tools ,seals, dispensers and tool parts. We have the resources to service and repair most all makers and models of strapping Tools.