Paper Packing Materials       

Damp-proof paper uses for mainly inner packing as packing paper used to prevent damage of the products due to damp when transporting and storage at the damp environment especially ocean transportation.
Width: 70mm up to 2700mm
Length: 100m up to 7000m
Packing: Roll and Sheet

1.OPP Damp proof paper: OPP Film (20μ) + Kraft Paper (80g)
Perfect damp-proof by OPP Film and excellent tensile & tear strength. Inhalation of inner- damp by Kraft Paper.
Comparatively Low Price. Mainly used for inner packing
Application: For steel product packaging. For inner box packaging of export packing. For packaging needed in damp-proof.

2.PE Damp proof paper: PE + Kraft Paper (80g)
For inner packaging as of less strength than opp damp-proof paper.
Low price. Inhalation of inner-damp
Application: For slight damp-proof packaging comparatively. For inner packaging.
For steel and machinery assembly packaging.

Regular Packing Paper

This is packing paper used absorbency, flexibility, etc. of paper and uses the supplemental materials to increase strength of paper. It is used in light and medium weight products not requiring strength mainly.

Net yarn inserted paper: OPP Film(20μ)+PE net+ Kraft(80g) or Crepe paper Increasing tensile strength
Yarn inserted paper: Kraft(80g)+PE yarn + Kraft(80g) Very low price and easy working.
OPP Yarn inserted paper: OPP Film + PE yarn + Kraft(80g) Increasing tensile strength and water-proof ability
Specification: W:80-1200mm L:100m and over
Select the proper packaging as have the different character and similarity compared with net-yarn inserted paper and yarn inserted paper