VCI Paper       

VCI Paper is the easiest packing material to protect the goods and also it is highly recyclable after use. The paper is coated with VCI liquid which has good protection from the rust. It is used with the proper assistant materials to reinforce the strength of paper which has a problem of tensile and bursting strength usually.  We produce the industrial packing materials and produce various kinds of VCI paper on the basis of wide understanding of the supplemental materials. If you have any packing problem, we will develop the most economic and proper anti-rust method for you through the consulting.

It mainly uses VCI liquid coated on the paper. But you can also select the various applicable products according to the products shape as it uses supplemental materials such as PE woven fabric, film, etc. in order to extend the strength.
It essentially needs to airtight seal to keep the constant effect because it pasted VCI chemicals. Therefore, it needs the perfect outside packaging essentially.
The kinds of VCI paper