VCI PE Woven Materials       

......Generally there was a trust that packing materials for kinds of steel must be composed of Paper. Because the paper has a characteristic to absorb the inside damp of kinds of steel. Packing materials composed of kinds of film is possible to prevent outside damp and water partly, but it results from the expedition of rust because it isolates the passage to go out inside damp. But Paper has too weak tensile and bursting strength to pack kinds of steel. In order to supplement these, It separately uses other packing materials, water-proof packing materials, or the combined film and PE woven cloth packing materials. So, there are the complications of packaging, the
re-usable difficulty of waste packing materials etc.

VCI PE woven laminated is packing materials to have strong tensile strength as well as to control the rust because it has the function of anti-rust to exceed the absorbability of paper. This is the up-to-date anti-rust packing materials which can be re-use the waste packing materials, low cost, and simple working.

Traditional packing method


As above pictures, It uses VCI Paper on the surface of products and uses water-proof paper again or uses water-proof VCI paper.

The composition is as follows.Ex) VCI paper

It uses to paste VCI liquid on paper. It is general method to use the following water-proof paper as outside packing. But in case of heavy weight products not to use outside packing, it uses to supplement kinds of film or PE woven cloth on VCI paper.
Ex) Damp-proof paper

1) The more effective use compared with price.
2) Maintaining the uniform tensile strength.
3) Environmentally friendly due to high recyclable.
4) Simple working.
5) Possible to change color, print, shape, function etc. if necessary.
Woven cloth

EX) Sehwa machinery Diffuer Ring
It is used to supplement the strength of packing materials.
It can select depends on condition because there are various thickness (800denier to 1650denier) and structure (8*8 to 14*14/square inch).
VCI Film
It is to take the VCI effect as add VCI at film stage.
Thickness: 20m to 25m
PE Film
It uses as water-proof stage to prevent damp and water. But it can use color for appearance, and can print(one color) if necessary but not clear.
Thickness: 20m to 30m