Silicaball VCI       

1. This is a prohibited products to use in Europe because chloride cobalt is a carcinogenic substance.
2. It becomes acid soil.
3. The rate of moisture absorption is by 25%, but belch out the moisture in case of 60℃ and over.

Silicagel become known to re-use if apply heat, but silicagel will belch out the moisture because temperature is over 70℃ in containers, especially when go through the equator. Therefore, silicagel can promote the rust due to the moisture and dew condensation. 4.This is the products having some problems because it is indicated as metal which is prohibited to combine on MSDS.

Silicaball VCI
It is possible to settle all problem of silicagel entirely. This is the damp-proof products with anti-corrosion and the anti-corrosive products made by new VCI and natural ore.
So, this is the harmless and clean products.


1.Environmentally friendly--made in natural ore and possible to decompose biochemically.
2.Economical--have ability of anti-corrosion and moisture absorption 2times than silicagel.
3.Possible to apply to ferrous and non-ferrous metals and have no effect on plastic products and packing portion.
4.Superior to function of anti-corrosion at a difficult place to permeate and internal gap of metal.


1.When machines and raw materials need damp absorption.
2.When export packing, and when there is a room to get out of anti-corrosive effect.

How to use

It needs 100-200g per CBM under the normal conditions and can increase or reduce the quantity dependent on packing condition and surrounding(1/3-1/2 of silcagel quantity).

The type of products

A pack of non-woven fabric: 10g, 30g, 80g, 100g

Properties of matter

Shape: Dark brown krnel
PH: Appox. 6-7
Gravity: 0.3-0.45g/cc
Safety for heat: under 400C


Store in the room under 40C by use the airtight instrument and avoid sunlight.
Store the remainder after sealed airtightly.


This is the damp absorption products without VCI from silicaball VCI
and the clean and harmless products.